10 Reasons: New Online Marketing Concept out of Competition

Provide any Online Space and get paid – you keep the full control!

10 Reasons why http://adysite.com is the next generation of online marketing:

Image1. It’s free to use.
2. You get A LOT more out of it, than for example ebay or fiverr – Each successfully completion accredits a net revenue of 88% of the order price to the balance of the seller.
3. Easy and flexible to use, specific designed to monetize online space like blogs or social networks.
4. A seller is NOT FORCED to sell, so he keep the full control over his channels. He can accept or decline requests.
5. Easy management for messages in the message board.
6. Sellers can define their own price and conditions, they can even add taxes or own individual legal additions.
7. Visitor statistics and Favorite Management.
8. Advanced search for buyers – list offers by price, favorites, language, ratings and many more.
9. Everyone can get new contacts, more visitors and good content for free.
10. After-buy protection, start a mutual cancellation to cancel the order. The amount will be credited to the buyer for further purchases.

Visit http://adysite.com, have fun!


A new concept of Online Marketing

Do you have a blog, a social network account or a newsletter?

Do you want more high quality content, more contacts, more visitors and more income?

Let me introduce you a new concept of marketing: http://adysite.com

Create a gig, offer your online-channel(s) and you’ll get requests. Interested users can set up messages and apply to your gig – so you can review their content first, allowing you to maintain full control over your publications!

This way, your channels won’t end up being transformed into spam generators! You’ll have full control over whether to accept or decline requests.

Get too much requests without value (or too many requests at all)? Just raise the price of your gig.

Gather favorites; add a calendar feature; stay in contact with the private message system; optimize the performance of your gigs by checking the statistics and enjoy a new concept of online marketing!

Check out the newest gig by JW
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For our early starter phase, we decided to give every user that create a gig 3 months premium!

What do you think? Write us some feedback in the comments! http://adysite.com