How to automate Online Marketing

What we want is high traffic, aimed visitors and a lot of money with online marketing. Here is the problem: you can’t do it alone. You can’t write long text walls every day just for the sake of the search engine or sign up for thousands of services all over the net.


People ask me how i do it and there are a lot of tricks – most of them highly expensive. But what if i told you that there is a professional SEO tool, doing research for you, spins text, register new accounts and post articles with your backlinks over the internet – all day long! Continue reading


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ImageThe most terrific way to generate traffic on the internet is to do great marketing and spread links. Sometimes this can be very hard, you have to do all the work by yourself and you would need an army of guys that create articles, write to houndreds of potential customers every day and attend to all the social networks like facebook, google plus and linkedin.

Download Magic Submitter
The logical consequence? Go for an agency and pay thousands of dollar every month. You will find these offers on ebay and fiverr, what do you think – are these people real agencys with a big team of staff member? No, of course not. A good software do the work, that backlinks them automaticaly. The program create the account, register, confirm the mail, spinn the article and send it to the website. In seconds, full automated!

The big difference to similar software on the web: you can create your own automatic submissions to every website you want! You are not bound to prebuild websites or controlled by updates – no, you can set up all the stuff by yourself with the Designer Tab. Very easy to create on EVERY website and make it automatic with the scheduler – no matter if you want to submit articles, videos, rss, pdf’s or any other data format.

Now, you just need to set up a lot of offers on ebay or fiverr, or you could extreme optimize your own webprojects. I tested a lot of different softwares, all of them with the promise to success, but a lot of them are based on stolen code and have outdated databases. I highly recommend Magic Submitter, its cheap, rocksolid and every time up to date. It comes with all of the features, that you would expect of a modern seo-software. You will see in video-tutorials how to avoid sandbox or downgrades through panda / penguin. The software will pay for itself, download Magic Submitter and you can easy make more than 100 dollar per month, just with little offers on ebay, fiverr or other selling platforms.

In the first month, it will only cost 4,95 Dollar and you can cancel your subscription at any time (Paypal). This is the best SEO Tool for you to rank in google or just to earn lot of money online on Ebay & Co!

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