Online Marketing for small business and big companies

Let’s start online marketing: what do we have? SOME IDEAS AND FUN! Great, what will we do now? BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! Awesome, now what we have here? Adsense, Facebook-Ads, Linkedin-Ads, Twitter Advertising (starts from >5.000 $), Empire Avenue (free!), Teliad, Shareasale, Fiverr, Safe-Swaps, banner ads in Warrior Forum, Neverblue, Clickbank … do you know more? Big or small business, tell me in the comments.


Most of these networks are highly expensive for online advertising and some of them aren’t very effective at all. We want EARN MONEY – ah, do i have your attention again?

Perfect, let’s say i want to monetize my Twitter channel, because i’m popular and have millions of followers – shouldn’t be too complicated, right? But when i want to offer it for example on ebay or fiverr like “You get 1x Tweet on my Channel”;  i have no control over my publications anymore – i’d have to accept every purchase and post their contents. My channels would become spam-machines. Wouldn’t it be way more effective, when i could read the message of the buyer first, before i accept the deal with him?


I can offer all of my online content, make my own price and make sure that i got no unwanted content on my channels, by accept or decline requests. AMAZING?! Of course, sign up free – no obligations. Set up an offer and wait for requests to accept or decline, it’s easy like that! Small companies can offer their contents for low amounts, while big companies are able to make their offers very expensive. Marketing agencys can monetize their whole network structure and this is just the beginning: banner marketing, newsletter, blogs … every online space that you own could bring money.

Check out Adysite, you wont regret it – thanks for reading and have fun!


A new concept of Online Marketing

Do you have a blog, a social network account or a newsletter?

Do you want more high quality content, more contacts, more visitors and more income?

Let me introduce you a new concept of marketing:

Create a gig, offer your online-channel(s) and you’ll get requests. Interested users can set up messages and apply to your gig – so you can review their content first, allowing you to maintain full control over your publications!

This way, your channels won’t end up being transformed into spam generators! You’ll have full control over whether to accept or decline requests.

Get too much requests without value (or too many requests at all)? Just raise the price of your gig.

Gather favorites; add a calendar feature; stay in contact with the private message system; optimize the performance of your gigs by checking the statistics and enjoy a new concept of online marketing!

Check out the newest gig by JW
logo twitter 03

For our early starter phase, we decided to give every user that create a gig 3 months premium!

What do you think? Write us some feedback in the comments!

How to monetize Networks – The easy Way

Do you have a Twitter channel? Or a Blog? Would you like to get paid for tweets or blog posts?

Of course, but just as long as the quality is high enough! Alright, we created a network that let you provide your online channels – YES, you can provide any Online Channel you want! People can set up messages and apply with them to your offer.



So, you keep the full control over your publications. If you accept, the buyer receive a payment-notification. When the payment is complete, you’ll get a notification and you can start to publish the content.

You can set the order to complete, when you are done – good sellers provide their customers as much information as possible. For instance a tweet, you would send the link to the tweet – or a blog post, you would send the link to the blog. There is an integrated private message function to contact your partner. As last step, the buyer can rate the order.

Lean back, work on your networks and create channels with high quality!
AGAIN: The whole system is very flexible. Watch for requests to come in, you’ll get a mail – read the message, approve if you like and earn money!

You can monetize any online space like newsletter, website-banner, ads in online software, social networks, forum signatures … Like i said, the system is flexible (!), so why not create a special offer with all of your networks? Or over many days; or many times – an example: “3 Tweets per day, over 3 days on my 5 Twitter accounts + 1 Blog Post” or “1 Posting in my whole network” – so just spread the word in every channel you have. 🙂

Be creative, the system is fresh and will lead to a new concept of online marketing. Next to a long list of features that is working already (Favorites, Statistics, Calendar, After-Buy Cancellation System, Private-Messages, …) we are working on even more! Try it, or miss the biggest chance to make money in 2014!!!

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MediaFire allows a million users access their cloud storage service to store important files as well as to collaborate online with colleagues, share and import documents and files, for ecommerce and will keep your information secure on their cloud network while providing access to their cloud service on mobile devices too. Continue reading

The perfect start on Empire Avenue

I made a whole chapter out of this topic, because it’s nice to kickstart on Empire Avenue! Read also my article “How to Rock the Avenue“.

Before you sign in, make sure to register with all possible networks: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, WordPress, Google Plus and a Facebook Fanpage.
Of course, you will not have all of them and you may not be active on all of them, but it will attract more buyers when you have as much as possible.
Add a nice description and a PROFILE PICTURE. The picture is highly recommended, it don’t need to be a picture of you – just make sure you have the rights to use it. You can also add a status update and look for a community to join.EmpireAvenue
You can add your own blogs to the system with rss feeds. Users can endorse those rss feeds and when they have +5 endorsement, you can upgrade it to a blog, make them eligible to earn activity for it and gives you a better dividend – but make sure it will have unique content, spam blogs will be downgraded or removed.

Join with my Ref-Link and get 2.000 Eaves for free!

Experienced users will always look for new members to buy cheap, so you will have a lot buyers when you do all of these things. To stay in business, you need to be constant active in as much networks as possible and of course, invest in others. Begin with the people, that invested in you and buy a little bit back of them.
A new person cost around 3.000 – 10.000 eaves for 200 shares, depending on how high their share price already is. The most people will buy 200 shares of you, so buy 10-20 shares back of them. People can only buy 200 shares of a new person , it’s a 7-day limit and keep the system fair for all. 200 shares is also the limit for you to invest in others, unlock new upgrades to expand these limits. You can unlock those upgrades with eaves, but don’t do it too early.
The more equally, calm and constant you are on the Avenue, the higher will be your success in the end. So, don’t try to be clever and think “I could upgrade everything first and after that i can buy much as i want.” This will ruin you! You need a constant raising of daylie dividends, so invest all of your starter eaves in to other people! Not in missions (you will start missions later) and not in upgrades.
Check you daily income of earned eaves out of the dividends, this is where you get most eaves in the end.

How to reach Top Connections on every Network

Build on your own leading network. You just need people who are interested in the stuff, that you offer. On the next few pages, i will show you some tricks to do that on various networks. First, you need to get some value content. You are a good writer? Or a good gamer? A designer or programmer? Maybe you have a shopping website? Just find a topic, that makes you happy and fun to work with. Do a portfolio (a good service for portfolios is behance) with working examples or good presentations of your products to show and link them everybody.


Give also some free value to your customers, like good informations – for example a short first video or some pages of a guide. When the customer likes it, he will probably buy the rest of the guide. Or set up an informativ e-book – you can write them with free software like Open Office.
Build up a list and when it runs, try to do the next. Don’t give up and don’t skip too fast to the next “big thing”. Sometimes it needs a little bit patience to reach a big crowd of interested users. Continue reading

Google Plus Optimization


Google Plus

Social Networking becomes more and more important, as so does reputation. Don’t miss on Google Plus to increase your visitors. How? Google Places is now Google Local and full integrated in Google Plus. This means also, that your Google Local pages and your Google Plus pages are getting indexed by the spider and show in the organic search results. When you want to crush this, you need great reputation! But not so fast, lets optimize our Google Plus network first. What can we do, to reach people? A ton!

Search for your topic and circle people, you are interested in. You can also add whole circles, search hashtags like #circleshare or #sharedcircles (there are way more hashtags you can use). When you do this regulary, you can come up to 200-300 new real users every day. No joke, you can do this also after maxing out your own circles (you can’t circle more than 5.000). Just keep plus and sharing the postings, you can also replace circles. You can easy work yourself up more and more every day.

Make sure that all your profile fields are filled with content and backlinks. Be active in groups and try to connect with people in hangouts or write a review for their local company page.
Be ready for the professional way to handle Google Plus? This is a tool, you have to use when you want to come up with high numbers of circles: Circloscope. This is the free version, you can also upgrade to the full version, which have more options. It let you sort all contacts in Google Plus and gives you full data about who is following / unfollowing you, where they come from, their activity and many more. You can also mass-follow / unfollow.

You can increase this even more by advertising on Youlikehits or Empire Avenue.

Visit me on my Google Plus Profile.