Giveaway MediaFire 200GB PREMIUM Account

Did you know that MediaFire cloud storage service is offing a chance to win six months of 200 GB premium cloud service through Just visit and sign up for the newsletter – FREE!

MediaFire allows a million users access their cloud storage service to store important files as well as to collaborate online with colleagues, share and import documents and files, for ecommerce and will keep your information secure on their cloud network while providing access to their cloud service on mobile devices too.

You can open up a free basic account at The free cloud storage accounts offers you 10 to 50 gigabytes of storage, however there are no ad supported downloads, you can download only 200 megabytes per file and the storage is only available for a short time.

If you are using your computer for personal use or for a temporary leave or something like that, the free account may be all that you need. But if you need more than that, MediaFire premium accounts offer up to one terabytes of storage and every feature you can ask for of your cloud storage service.

If you choose the middle of the road MediaFire premium account, you want the MediaFire Pro. This package only costs $2.49 per month and offers up to 100 gigabytes of storage. Not only that, you get ad free sharing and downloads, long term storage, up to 10 gigabytes per file priority support, FileDrop uloader, direct link to files among others.

But for home and small businesses that require a lot of capabilities, the Business package can’t be beat. Offering over one terabyte of storage space (one terabyte equals 1024 gigabytes) for only $24.99 per month, you basically get unlimited storage using the MediaFire Business cloud storage service.

The Business package offers long term storage of you documents, a license to add over one hundred additional users; you receive a custom domain, 10 gigabytes per file, priority support and a detailed security log among others. You can also view download statistics to help monitor or track usage.

Right now, if you go to you can find out how to win their six month giveaway of premium cloud storage service. The giveaway will allow you to sign up for free for a basic MediaFire account with the opportunity to try the MediaFire premium account (either MediaFire Pro or Business) for six months for free.


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