The perfect start on Empire Avenue

I made a whole chapter out of this topic, because it’s nice to kickstart on Empire Avenue! Read also my article “How to Rock the Avenue“.

Before you sign in, make sure to register with all possible networks: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, WordPress, Google Plus and a Facebook Fanpage.
Of course, you will not have all of them and you may not be active on all of them, but it will attract more buyers when you have as much as possible.
Add a nice description and a PROFILE PICTURE. The picture is highly recommended, it don’t need to be a picture of you – just make sure you have the rights to use it. You can also add a status update and look for a community to join.EmpireAvenue
You can add your own blogs to the system with rss feeds. Users can endorse those rss feeds and when they have +5 endorsement, you can upgrade it to a blog, make them eligible to earn activity for it and gives you a better dividend – but make sure it will have unique content, spam blogs will be downgraded or removed.

Join with my Ref-Link and get 2.000 Eaves for free!

Experienced users will always look for new members to buy cheap, so you will have a lot buyers when you do all of these things. To stay in business, you need to be constant active in as much networks as possible and of course, invest in others. Begin with the people, that invested in you and buy a little bit back of them.
A new person cost around 3.000 – 10.000 eaves for 200 shares, depending on how high their share price already is. The most people will buy 200 shares of you, so buy 10-20 shares back of them. People can only buy 200 shares of a new person , it’s a 7-day limit and keep the system fair for all. 200 shares is also the limit for you to invest in others, unlock new upgrades to expand these limits. You can unlock those upgrades with eaves, but don’t do it too early.
The more equally, calm and constant you are on the Avenue, the higher will be your success in the end. So, don’t try to be clever and think “I could upgrade everything first and after that i can buy much as i want.” This will ruin you! You need a constant raising of daylie dividends, so invest all of your starter eaves in to other people! Not in missions (you will start missions later) and not in upgrades.
Check you daily income of earned eaves out of the dividends, this is where you get most eaves in the end.


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