How to reach Top Connections on every Network

Build on your own leading network. You just need people who are interested in the stuff, that you offer. On the next few pages, i will show you some tricks to do that on various networks. First, you need to get some value content. You are a good writer? Or a good gamer? A designer or programmer? Maybe you have a shopping website? Just find a topic, that makes you happy and fun to work with. Do a portfolio (a good service for portfolios is behance) with working examples or good presentations of your products to show and link them everybody.


Give also some free value to your customers, like good informations – for example a short first video or some pages of a guide. When the customer likes it, he will probably buy the rest of the guide. Or set up an informativ e-book – you can write them with free software like Open Office.
Build up a list and when it runs, try to do the next. Don’t give up and don’t skip too fast to the next “big thing”. Sometimes it needs a little bit patience to reach a big crowd of interested users.

Get on every network, you can find on the internet. Linkedin is very good for all job finder or freelancer. I found someone that spread regular a list of emails in the various boards and groups. Such persons add you to thier list for a positive recommendation on his profile. You can search for a person like that and give him a positive recommendation and you will get contacts from that on for free. Or make this by yourself and collect houndreds of good recommendations and contacts.

On Google Plus you can list yourself in circles, that’s the same system. Get in contact with big circle sharer and add, plus and reshare the circles. You can do this on almost endless many circles, you will be added to the circles and receive more contacts every day. When you are active on Google Plus, you can reach more than 10.000 circles in 3-4 months out of the nothing.
For Google Plus you will also use the chrome addon “Circloscope Premium“, this will list and uncircle all persons, that uncircle you. Very helpful addon to manage your circles.
For Twitter i use the “Tweetadder“, it does a very good job, but Twitter is limiting his possibilitys more and more. Today, i would recommend only Google Plus and Pinterest to start with social networking. Newsletter lists are still the best marketing idea, because you can write long mails with much content and the read ratio is very high. You can send call to actions and sell stuff directly to a very high targeted audience.

If you are not technical talented, you should test out mailchimp or aweber. I use Acymailing for Joomla, a very solid component with many features and easy to use, but you need a little more experience with Joomla and the software itself. Give a incentive away, you need to provide good value that interested people want to check out and give their email for it. Also customize your projects with automatic follow up autoresponder mails.


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