Safety First!

Protect important data and passwords

Everyone should know how important it is to have seperate passwords on every single account you use. These passwords must be very long and unique, to pass a brutforce attack by any hacker. But how is that even possible to remember? I tell you my strategie, you can do it on your own way. With this strategie, you just need to remember 3 passwords for the rest of your life.

At first, we need a password database, so download KeePass or LastPass to create one. This is the first password to remember. Now, when you create a new account elswhere, you’ll set it up in your database and let you generate a unique long password for it.


We aren’t done here, because you need all your passwords at any time, in case you’re mobile or let’s say there is an unexpected error in your hard disk and all your passwords would be lost.

So, we need to upload it to a cloud storage service, BUT FIRST make sure to crypt your data in a container with TrueCrypt or similar software. With this software, you can create a password protected container where you can save the password database. This is the second password to remember.
The third password is the password for your cloud storage provider. For example Google Drive, Dropbox, Mozy or any other. There are thousands out there. You will save your crypted container there and make sure, that new changes also get saved.
Now you have a long cryptic password for every service and you can recover them at any time.


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