Smart and Professional Video Software

Using Video Software to make money

Focus on your target – do the smart way

We want to focus what is important: making money! You could study, train for years as a designer and go the hard way to the top. This probably pays off at the end and with patience you will become a great vfx designer!

OR – you can try to sell your stuff directly to the people who love it. There is actual more than one way to do that. One way is to set up little videos with animoto. This web service let you create little promotion videos. Upload the created video(s) to every videohoster you can find – you can also automate the process with Magic Submitter.

Even better is to have a full optimized selling website directly for your work with just a few clicks! With Easy Video Suite you can create your sell page directly with the upload. Furthermore, let me say – the software is unbeatable!
Video conversations, Amazon S3 Integration, events, live stats, video recording, split tests and many more. The pages are full optimized, so you will have a great Google ranking directly with add buy buttons and call-to-actions. Plus 60 days full money back guarantee!

For me it’s important to work fast and manage everything intuitively, thats why i love Easy Video Suite so much. Everything is drag & drop based, very modern and easy to set up, also for beginner. I highly recommend to use this videoediting software!

The Professional Way

What the professionals do

The professionals love to work with Maya (actual a 3D Software) and compose this with The Foundry’s NUKE. This is a very high level and standard for hollywood producers. Face it, if you want to become a famous vfx designer.

But lets stay at the semi professional level, you can also do a lot with After Effects and any additional 3D software. Of course, you don’t have to learn it all in one day, but this is the way to become a famous freelancer and when you are good, you get orders of big commercial companys.

There are tons of tutorials online, i will list the best sites to improve your skills for free on the quickest path: is the most popular reference to learn After Effects.

Amateurmedia the website is down, but the vimeo account is still alive. Watch “5 RULES IN LOGO DESIGN” and “5 things to know about TYPOGRAPHY” and everything else of course.

Creative Cow is a big collection of tutorials about After Effects, Premiere and a lot other video editing tools.

Robert Leger got a ton of great training videos about Cinema4D on his channel.

Andrew Kramer’s VideoCopilot

After Effects Professional

Your first source for high quality video editing content and software is Andrew Kramer. On he offers a lot of good software and great stock content to create professional looking videos. There are actual more than 135 free tutorials on the website plus a detailed beginner tutorial, showing you the work with After Effects step by step.But that’s not all, groundbreaking extensions and software awaits you in the shop. There is a lot of stock footage, like Designer Sound FX, Riot Gear, Evolution, Action Essentials I & II and Pro Scores.
The extensions begin with the plugin “Twitch”, with this you can do camera shakes and random picture twitching on click. Like a horror movie, when the images are freak out to scare you – or a TV distortion simulation.
With “Optical Flares” you can create nice shine and lightning effects. This is community based, create flares for yourself and share them with other people, you can also download their flares. There are thousands of different flares to download and use. I also know, that famous professional hollywood producents like J. J. Abrams are using this plugin for their light effects.
The newest creation is “Element 3D”. It turns your After Effects into a 3D software for further work with the models. So, you cant model with the plugin, but you can work with your models inside of After Effects. Duplicate, copy, light, positions, texturing and many more can be done directly with this extension. This will breakdown your workflow and you are able to design very nice images or animations.


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