How to create a Linkbuilding Service

Linkbuilding Service

How to create a successful Linkbuilding Service

Backlinks are very important for websites, even links with low quality are good for your ranking. Before you can start with your own linkbuilding service, you need to learn the tools. Try to create value content and be better than your competition. For example: your competition offers on ebay a package of 2000 backlinks for 15 dollar. It’s easy for you to be better than him, just offer more backlinks for less money or try to increase the value (only do-follow links etc). Give also a specials like a free report or even more backlinks.

To add some nice graphics on your offers, go to and define your search with “For commercial use (no backlink)”, so you get just full free to use images.

Create a website and keep it simple, you need not too much for a linkbuilding service – for example, a shop is much work and you have do administrate and update it etc. A better idea is to go directly on seller platforms like ebay, fiverr or warriorforum and use a pattern for your offer. Find yourself a little niche and improve your offers every month. Work on the appearence, on your bonus specials and all other activitys that keeps you in contact with your target group. A newsletter is also a great idea to catch customers in long term. Remember this: a potential customer needs 8-12 contacts with you, to be confident in your products. So, when you set up a newsletter with automated mails, you can automate the whole process.

When you go for blog comments, you should also create a package with less links and more worth – for example .edu or .gov domains.

I did all this a few years ago by myself and a cheap second pc, runned in my room 24/7. I still make a lot of money selling backlink packages, but now i have business partner to outsource these work. To find a good software for your linkbuilding service, i recommend to read my blog post “Magic Submitter vs Senuke“. I use Magic Submitter since years, because you can do so much more with it and it cost just a small fraction of the competition.


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