Google Plus Optimization


Google Plus

Social Networking becomes more and more important, as so does reputation. Don’t miss on Google Plus to increase your visitors. How? Google Places is now Google Local and full integrated in Google Plus. This means also, that your Google Local pages and your Google Plus pages are getting indexed by the spider and show in the organic search results. When you want to crush this, you need great reputation! But not so fast, lets optimize our Google Plus network first. What can we do, to reach people? A ton!

Search for your topic and circle people, you are interested in. You can also add whole circles, search hashtags like #circleshare or #sharedcircles (there are way more hashtags you can use). When you do this regulary, you can come up to 200-300 new real users every day. No joke, you can do this also after maxing out your own circles (you can’t circle more than 5.000). Just keep plus and sharing the postings, you can also replace circles. You can easy work yourself up more and more every day.

Make sure that all your profile fields are filled with content and backlinks. Be active in groups and try to connect with people in hangouts or write a review for their local company page.
Be ready for the professional way to handle Google Plus? This is a tool, you have to use when you want to come up with high numbers of circles: Circloscope. This is the free version, you can also upgrade to the full version, which have more options. It let you sort all contacts in Google Plus and gives you full data about who is following / unfollowing you, where they come from, their activity and many more. You can also mass-follow / unfollow.

You can increase this even more by advertising on Youlikehits or Empire Avenue.

Visit me on my Google Plus Profile.


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