Magic Submitter vs SEnuke

Senuke vs Magic Submitter

Senuke vs Magic Submitter

Submitter tools like Magic Submitter and SEnuke XCr help you to spread massive backlinks through the web. Even if the backlinks have no worth, they count. There are many submitting tools out there and a lot of them are just scam. You need always fresh lists of the acutal web status. Many websites change their content, go offline or do other changes, that the tool has to handle with.

If you do SEO, do it regulary. With this tools you can do that very precisely. Look to a scheduler, all good SEO tools have a schedule-function and set your duration for the submissions. Let’s go deeper in this and answer the topic question, what is my personal favorite and why?

Magic Submitter vs SenukeXCr

Senuke is for beginner very easy to handle and your templates for the submissions are set up in no time. Super easy with the “Wizzard”, a step by step guidance, where you can define all the actions and submissions with just a few clicks. That is pretty handy, just set up intelligent submissions and your site will ranked. Thats the good thing, but if want to do something on your own like a unique submission order, the program become very complicated. You can’t easy set up a new website for the program, like you can do in Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter comes with the Designer Tab, where you can bring in your very own actions – you can even set up whole new bot actions and you can work with the existend functions. That makes the Magic Submitter much more powerful than Senuke. Actually, you are even faster with Magic Submitter, when you get in program and watch the tutorial videos from Alexander and David.

Senuke also does not have a function to send videos anymore, but Magic Submitter still have the ability to post videos to all of the big videohoster like youtube. It’s a multifunctiontool to offer great gigs on fiverr or to rank own websites. Also just for Magic Submitter: the blog commenter, which let you harvest and post automatically to an endless amount of blogs. Both softwares can easy handle proxie-ip’s and rotate them or for specific use. If you are looking for a cheap proxy service, i can recommend Buy Proxies it just cost a dollar per proxy and the quality is very good.

Finally we can say, that Senuke is only for beginner or lazy people with too much money – because it costs 150 dollar per month. But when you realy want to start in that business and rush your way up to the top, you have to use Magic Submitter. It’s the better program with more functions for a cheaper price. If you check out through my link, you can test it the first month for just 4,95 – in case you dont like it (im sure you will like it!), you can sign out through paypal any time.


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