How to Rock the Avenue

Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

As described in the title, a big social network with thousands of different real members sharing your stuff twentyfour hours, seven days a week. You may say: “Ok, i can purchase targeted advertisin on facebook or linkedin and other big networks.” But you can get way more exclusive. The network i’m talking about is Empire Avenue. It’s based on a stock exchange simulation, like a browser game, you can engange with others, connect various networks, evaluate your network power and you can earn virtual money. This game-currency is called eaves and you can only spend it in more stocks from other people, upgrades or starting missions.
Register an account for free and fill your profile with value information. Also upload a picture of yourself or a picture, that rights you own. On the avenue, people will definetely go to your profile and check you out, so be prepare for that. Now you can buy shares from other with your start eaves – my tipp: invest them in people who buy you. There are a lot of day trader, if a new interesting person is sign in, they will buy your shares. But they also sell your shares after a while, best way to prevent that is to buy them back – this will stabilize your stock prize.

You will find a lot more in this network, like it always is: be happy and kindly to all of the people and they will return the favor. But now we come to the realy important point and this isn’t existing in any other networks. The Dividends.
No shame, if you have no idea, what dividends are. Here is the Wikipedia Article. In a nutshell, you get something, without anything to do for it. A passive income, like “the money is working for you”. Here it is and you dont even need invest real money! Go to your available bank balance (on the avenue in the top bar) and look for “Dividend Earnings”. You will have zero, if you are new registered, but in the end it’s the most important value, because this is what you get out on a daylie base!

Don’t underestimate that! Find the highest dividend givers to increase this value – for that, you have to go on “Leaders”. There you have to find “Weekly Dividends” and on the top right corner of the page select “global”. Now you see all the best dividend givers on the avenue and a lot of them are realy expensive for now.

Until this point, there wasn’t any numbers in the article, but now i have to make the check: at the moment, the both first places are Louie Baur and Chris Pirillo. If i would buy 200 shares in Louie (this would be 100.000 eaves at the current share price), is this on a current dividend points of 3,95 (this will be calculate on the activity of this person in the last two weeks and his current share price) 832 eaves every day. You will get 25.000 eaves after a month from Louie without do anything. After 4-5 months you have your complete investments in the bag and doing pure plus.

You can also daytrade, but just do it to get more eaves for more dividend givers (because new people often dont buy back = useless). If you are good and active, you can easy come up to 70.000 eaves every day (!) in only 6-7 month’s. Dont look at your share price too much, just max out all the good dividend givers on 200 shares and then you can start massive missions every day for the whole network! I’m now working up to 100.000 eaves per day, the results and the connections are incredible! You can push your share price up on any time (just start missions with “invest in me”), it’s no problem when you have a stable stream of daylie eaves out of your dividends.


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